Welcome to Swii Furniture

The Swii Furniture company has built a reputation on selling high-quality event chairs to customers all over the world. Our Chairs hold up longer and transfer into more profit for you.

  • SWII is manufacturer
    Factory direct sale, you can save about 30% by kicking off your middlemen.
  • SWII test the quality
    Every chair is tested by our best machine before leaving factory
  • SWII is proffesional
    15 years experiences on manufacturing event chairs.

Why Choose Swii Furniture

  • Our Company Mission
    Swii wants to be a resource of event chairs, when people need event chairs and tables, they will think of our company
  • The Swii Philosophy
    Our philosophy is that we built a higher standard instead of down to average.
  • Our Promise
    No matter you are new hand or experienced importer, you will find the right and quality product in Swii Furniture quite easily.
  • The Swii Quality
    The quality of swii is far beyond what’s expected. In 2015, 2,000,000 chairs and tables are tested by our 5 best machines before leaving factory.

Our Crazy Quality

Meet Our Team

Peter Guo

Founder&World Traveler

As the founder of SWII FURNITURE, Mr. Guo has four decades of experience in the industry. Kicking-off his career as an hotel furniture supply salesman in the early 1990s, he soon was promoted to Vice President of Sales. Among his period within that position, he was successfully managing the company’s growth from near bankruptcy to profitability. Due to this overwhelming success, he decided to pursue his own business. In 2000, Mr. Guo established Swii Furniture Co., ltd. Fifteen years later, Swii has become a firm of manufacturing, wholesaling and project whole matching. Now he abdicated from the daily operation and enjoy the world traveling

Vincent Guo

Chief Operating Officer

Vincent has become our youngest Chief Operating Officer. After taking over his family business , he is responsible for all daily accounting, office and property management and involved in day to day business decisions.
His passion, creation and knowledge is extensive which gives him insight into every aspect of the business. He is a great resource of information,(Um...people’s wondering why he loves the minions so much)

Rainie Lau

Sales Manager

Rainie comes from mountain city Qingyuan. In Qingyuan, people are friendly as well as Rainie is. After working for a long time in furniture industry, Rainie came to Swii to start a new carrier.
As director of marketing and project manager, Rainie focus on marketing trend, whole matching of project and VIP account relationship. With great patience, Rainie always handle difficult problems and has been a “FIXER” for all cases. Also, she is absolutely a football and sport fan.

Joy Lai

Sourcing Manager

Joy grew up different cities and that gives her a unique perspective when it comes her working here at Swii Furniture.
She applies her skills in our abroad business and works to make sure our clients are satisfied with the best possible furniture and fit for their needs! Meet with her to realize your exact needs of your current plan!

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Swii Furniture is a leading manufacturer of durable chiavari chairs, banquet chairs and tables. Our chairs holds longer and translating to more profit for you.
Contact us today and we will send you a quote for your event equipment needs.

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Factory Add:No.8 of Shuiteng Industrial Area. Lecong, Foshan, China

Mobile: +86 13450820132

Fax: 0757 28787529

Email: rainie@cnswii.com

Web: www.cnswii.com